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Updated November 5th, 2020
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We're Corvus Robotics, and we're on a mission to use robotics to improve efficiencies and health outcomes worldwide.
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We sell robotic technology, but the value to our customers is in new ways they understand the world.
We use robots and software to collect previously uncollectable data, unlocking insights to reduce cost and improve service levels.
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Open Positions
We’re looking for curious minds who have attention to detail, love for what they do, and a growth mindset. Make your mark at an emerging leader in the industrial robotics industry.
Robotics Engineer
Full-Time; Boston, MA / Remote
We're always looking for stellar Robotics Engineers to work with our Autonomy/Planning Software team! We don’t mind if you start part-time or remote, though ideally you would join us full-time in Boston later.
  • Shipped production software onto a commercial robot or vehicle; or published a paper in a leading Robotics journal/conference
  • Very familiar with all of: Ubuntu, ros, catkin, C++, Git, shell scripts
Because we receive so many applications, unfortunately we won’t have time to respond to inquiries that don’t meet the above requirements.
Just like us, you are independent and self-driven. You'll communicate (e.g. on Slack) frequently with teammates on updates or problems you're stuck on. You feel good having ownership over an entire stack, and working to figure out problems and solve them. We're hiring now!
Linux Build & Release Engineer
Full-Time; Boston, MA / Remote
We’re looking for a Linux Build & Release Engineer who will be responsible for packaging, releasing, and deploying our growing autonomy stack to our autonomous robotic vehicles. This involves creating CI/CD pipelines, maintaining OS images, packaging the application software, improving build system performance, resolving dependency issues, and ultimately being the owner for any build and release questions. We are looking for an engineer who’s passionate about their work and loves to dive into challenges as they arise in our fast-moving development cycles.
Experience required in:
  • cmake, make, ccache, and catkin
  • Linux userspace, kernel, and bootloaders (e.g grub2)
  • Building and packaging Linux images for embedded targets
  • Testing images in virtualized environments like QEMU
  • Advanced Docker pipelines
  • Git for version control
  • CI/CD systems such as Jenkins
  • Shell scripting
Linux/UAV Operations Specialist
Full-Time; Boston, MA / Remote
We’re looking for a Linux/UAV Operations Specialist to oversee flight operations for our autonomous aerial vehicle. As one of the leads for aerial vehicle operations and testing, you’ll be the person responsible for checking in the latest software build, running pre-flight safety checks, starting logging scripts, and operating autonomous flights by monitoring flight behaviors and noting anomalies. If you are passionate about robustifying cutting-edge technology in the UAV industry and have experience with Linux for robotic vehicles, we would love to speak with you!
  • 2+ years of experience building or hacking your own PX4 or Ardupilot UAVs, with Linux-based companion computers
  • Familiarity with Ubuntu, shell scripts, ROS, rviz, and Git
  • Eager to pick up build/test stack such as gtest, Jenkins/CI, rosbags, process control software, etc.
  • Responsible, calm, and detail-oriented
Robot Success Specialist
Part-Time, Remote
Corvus Robotics is looking for a Robot Success Specialist who will be responsible for deploying and supporting ground robots for our customers across the country. The ideal candidate has some coding experience and is comfortable with getting hands-on with new technology. Our Robot Success Specialists will also act as our first line of communication with customers. If you’re conscientious, patient, and not afraid of customer interactions, we encourage you to apply!
  • Willing to travel (e.g. fly) for 1-2 days per site
  • Detail-oriented, conscientious, and patient
  • Experience with coding, or is reasonably tech-savvy (Android tablets, mobile hotspots, general computer dashboards)
  • Personable, comfortable with talking to customers and giving instructions / teaching
Candidates preferred who:
  • Can drive
  • Are based in Boston
  • Has access to car in Boston
Thermal Systems Engineer
Part-Time; Boston, MA / Remote
Corvus Robotics is looking for a Thermal Systems Engineer to join our growing hardware team to design and develop heat reduction systems for our autonomous aerial vehicles. The ideal candidate is experienced with applied systems engineering, thermal FEA, and design modeling and testing for thermal engineering. We’re looking for a passionate engineer who enjoys solving hardware problems and can iterate consistently to work with our forward-moving development cycles.
  • Academic or professional background in engineering or applied physics with a focus on heat transfer and fluid dynamics
  • Experience with thermal FEA and designing/testing size-constrained passive and active thermal systems
  • Highly motivated with attention to detail

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