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Updated July 29th, 2020
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We're Corvus Robotics, and we're on a mission to use robotics to improve efficiencies and health outcomes worldwide.
We are Hiring
We sell robotic technology, but the value to our customers is in new ways they understand the world.
We use robots and software to collect previously uncollectable data, unlocking insights to reduce cost and improve service levels.
autonomous drone in warehouse
computer vision for barcode scanning
autonomous drone hardware
Open Positions
We’re looking for curious minds who have attention to detail, love for what they do, and a growth mindset. Make your mark at an emerging leader in the industrial robotics industry.
Robotics Engineer
We're always looking for stellar Robotics Engineers to work with our Autonomy/Planning Software team. We don’t mind if you start part-time / remote right now, though ideally you’re open to joining us full-time in Boston later.
  • Shipped production software onto a commercial robot or vehicle; OR published a top paper in a leading Robotics journal/conference
  • Very familiar with all of: Ubuntu, ros, catkin, C++, Git, shell scripts
Because we receive so many applications, unfortunately we won’t have time to respond to inquiries that don’t meet the above requirements.
Just like us, you enjoy working mostly independently, posting on Slack frequently with updates or questions. You like having ownership over an entire stack, and being left largely alone to figure out problems and solve them. On our side, we will provide you with a capable team that you can rely on for all the parts of the stack you don’t want to work on :)
Deployment Engineer
We're looking for a Robotics Deployment Engineer to work closely with our core team. Not much is needed beyond: a background in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, a strong work ethic, eagerness to learn both software and hardware, and an inclination to assume responsibility and help others.
As an important member of our Deployment team, you get to gain experience in both Robotics and in how to present to clients. You’ll be expected to quickly learn how our robots can be used, what can go wrong in software/hardware, and understand the core concerns of clients.
There is a fair amount of travel. Expect to take several flights a month once coronavirus abates, work in office and industrial settings, and live in Airbnbs.
We’re looking for people who empathize with others, have attention to detail, and have a technical bent. We believe this a rare career opportunity, at the intersection of cutting-edge robotics and meaningful client engagements.