Corvus Robotics is a leading innovator in supply chain automation. Our autonomous robots help logistics providers, medical companies, manufacturers, and retail / distributors accelerate their Industry 4.0 revolution.
Corvus One Learn More
Use Corvus One as your automated warehouse inventory drone solution to save labor cost for cycle counts and even putaway audits.
Cubic Space Analysis Learn More
Save on warehouse lease costs during seasonal rushes, and reshuffle inventory to optimize your space - reducing up to 20% bin occupancy.
Empty Bin Audit Learn More
Locate empty bins daily with our warehouse inventory drone to help your putaway team perform more efficiently.
Win More Bids Ask How
Stand out from competitors by implementing the latest warehouse inventory drone technology, and demonstrate your commitment to strong inventory processes.
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Prevent Line Stoppages Learn More
Install Corvus One and reduce assembly line stoppages by finding all the parts you need quickly with our custom warehouse inventory drone solution.
Streamline Inventory Learn More
Reduce excess safety stock and free up working capital through automated inventory consolidation recommendations.
Custom Solutions Learn More
Work with a dedicated Corvus team to improve efficiencies and cut costs through custom consulting, such as automated robotic solutions to transport from Point A to Point B.
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Retail / Distributors
Corvus One Learn More
Use Corvus One as your automated warehouse inventory drone solution to save labor cost for cycle counts and even putaway audits.
Prevent Stockout Loss Learn More
Continuously monitor stockrooms with a Corvus One installation at each site to check warehouse inventory levels daily or even multiple times throughout the day with our drone.
Prepare for Seasonal Rush Learn More
Optimize your storage sites for seasonal rushes by consolidating or rearranging bins to maximize cubic efficiency. Our customized warehouse inventory solution helps reduce true occupancy by up to 20% or more.
Renegotiate Vendor Rates Ask How
Collect solid time-series data to provide auditors, insurance, or other vendors about your warehouse's inventory levels and operational performance to negotiate better pricing.
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Accounting / Consulting
Generate More Revenue Learn More
For supply chain consultants, inventory service providers, and auditors/accounting firms, stand out from your competitors by offering the latest warehouse drone technology.
Digital/Automated Auditing Learn More
Use Corvus One as your automated warehouse inventory drone solution, digitally connected to your WMS/ERP system to capture a historical record of your items, with photographic records as an optional add-on.
Provide Occupancy Analysis Learn More
Show customers a snapshot of how their facilities are being used - and exactly which bins could be improved. Use our warehouse inventory drone to help them reduce up to 20% facility occupancy simply by consolidating or rearranging slots and maximize cubic efficiency.
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Robotics/AI Solutions
Custom solutions Learn More
Partner with Corvus to build your robot or vehicle together.
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Can your warehouse inventory drones scan double- or multiple-deep locations?
The drone cameras can only scan the front-most item, so multiple-deep stored locations can’t be scanned.
Can your drone count cases, or is this just for pallet reserves?
Corvus One can certainly scan pallet reserves. We’re working on an experimental case count feature - contact us if you’re interested in a trial.
Can Corvus inventory drones work during operational hours?
Yes! The drone has omnidirectional collision avoidance and will stop before people in the warehouse, with visual and audio features to alert its presence. We do advise workers to wait until the drone is finished in an aisle, ideally.
Do I need to put up stickers everywhere in my warehouse? That’s a lot of work!
Thankfully, no! Autonomous inventory drones shouldn’t require much external setup at all - they’re supposed to be autonomous, after all. You can keep your existing barcodes, rack layouts, location barcodes, etc. Putting up hundreds or thousands of stickers would be a bummer!
Do I need to train a person to follow the drone and swap batteries?
Of course not! Corvus One drones fly themselves in the warehouse. What would be the point of an autonomous drone that constantly needed people?
My warehouse is small. Are inventory drones a good fit for me?
For facilities less than 100,000 sqft (10,000 sqm), cameras with Corvus computer vision may be a better solution. Contact “Custom Solutions” to learn more.
Do you connect to our WMS/ERP digitally?
Yes, we’ll work with your facility IT/WMS team to connect our warehouse drone with your data. We have a Corvus API, in addition to a suite of software for data import/export and comparisons. Our team has worked with all major WMS, and can readily adapt to legacy or niche WMS as well.
How do you store our inventory data? Is it cloud stored?
We have on-prem data storage (where the data is not stored on the cloud), as well as cloud hosting solutions.
Do I need Internet connection wherever the drone is?
You’ll need 1 Ethernet connection for the landing pad to connect your warehouse inventory data.
Do I need perfect Wi-Fi everywhere in my warehouse facility?
No - just at one point, at the landing pad. Corvus One inventory drones fly fully autonomously without internet connection, so you never have to worry about Wi-Fi dead spots or weak signals causing drone crashes.
Can you scan RFID, or can you only scan barcodes?
Yes, we can swap payload to an RFID reader. Contact “Custom Solutions” to learn more.