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Corvus One flies to scan your inventory.
Tie SKUs to accurate slot locations in 3D space that sync automatically with your WMS.
Generate a report of every discrepancy found in your facility sorted by location or SKU.
Access a record of historical data and pictures each slot for auditing purposes.
Schedule your flights every night or throughout certain days.
Fly every night, scanning your facility in third shift.
Fly throughout certain days to cover your entire facility more quickly.
Corvus One trains quickly on an AI model of your warehouse and barcode labels.
No need for hundreds of facility-wide stickers or tags -- and “sticker upkeep.”
Go live in 2-4 weeks.
10x faster scans than manual.
6-12 month payback.
Our Inventory Services
One-time Project
A one-time project with a seasoned deployment engineer using Corvus One to collect data for your facilities.
Accelerate an inventory count process and gain actionable analytics, supported by our team of data experts.
Subscription-based Installation
Fully Unmanned Drone -
Corvus One
A subscription-based installation in your facility of Corvus One, the world’s first fully unmanned warehouse inventory drone.
Upon setup, we create a seamless “digital twin” of your facility.
In our app, select no-fly zones, choose flight behaviors, and set automated flight schedules.
With the help of Corvus technology, our customers can safely scan faster without accidents.
200-400 pallet positions
1 hour to scan an est. 200-400 pallet positions per drone (includes recharge time).
Flies without WiFi
Operates fully without WiFi, no need to worry about "deadzones".
10 cameras
Plus lidar for omnidirectional “Smart Collision Avoidance”.
Technical Specifications
Data Storage
On-prem, local network, and cloud storage data options.
Pallet Labels
Scan pallet labels with OCR or barcodes.
Case Barcodes
Can scan case-level barcodes depending on size.
Does not require location barcodes.
2.5’ wingspan - fits in 6’ VNA aisles.
Charging Station
Flight Speed
2-3 mph (walking speed).