How Drones Impact Cycle Counts and Physical Inventory Audits

November 28th, 2023

Inventory management is a critical aspect of running a successful business selling physical goods. It ensures that businesses have enough items in stock to fulfill orders and improves their overall operations. However, many companies still rely on outdated pen and paper processes to track their inventory, leading to data inaccuracies and inefficient inventory management. In recent years, the emergence of drone technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct cycle counts and physical inventory audits. The Corvus One drone system provides real-time data checks, improves data integrity, and streamlines the inventory management process. In this article, we will explore how our drone technology is transforming inventory management and the benefits it offers to businesses.

Enhanced Cycle Counts

Cycle counting involves regularly counting a subset of items in your inventory without shutting down operations. This helps identify and rectify discrepancies in stock levels promptly, improving inventory accuracy. With accurate inventory information, businesses can avoid stockouts, prevent overstocking, and optimize supply chain management.

Traditionally, cycle counts were manual and infrequent, resulting in outdated and inaccurate inventory records. However, with drone technology, cycle counts have become more efficient and frequent. The Corvus One drone system performs daily scans of pallet locations and compare the data with the warehouse management system (WMS) records in real-time. This allows Inventory Managers to quickly identify discrepancies, locate missing inventory, and improve data integrity. Our automated drone scans replace manual inventory control systems, effectively tracking stock while reducing human error and saving time.

Implementing a cycle counting program increases efficiency and cost savings. It identifies inefficiencies and errors in inventory management, streamlines operations, reduces waste, and optimizes resource allocation. Cycle counting also helps identify root causes of discrepancies, such as theft or data entry errors, minimizing losses and saving costs in the long run.

Streamlining Physical Inventory Audits

Physical inventory audits are often required by the accounting department on a quarterly or annual basis. Traditionally, these audits were time-consuming and disruptive to production and fulfillment processes. Companies would often hire temporary workers or external agencies to accelerate the counting process, further compromising data integrity. However, Corvus One Drones can scan pallets within a facility at a speed 20 times faster than manual counts, ensuring precise and efficient data collection. With real-time visibility and accurate inventory records, companies can achieve 99% inventory accuracy, reducing operational disruptions and improving overall efficiency.

Companies with high levels of inventory accuracy can significantly reduce the challenges typically associated with physical inventory audits. By utilizing our drone technology, companies can eliminate the need to hire temporary workers or external agencies, saving both time and money. Corvus One Drones can also better access the hard-to-reach areas of a facility, ensuring that all inventory is properly accounted for. This advanced technology not only streamlines the auditing process but also improves data integrity, offering companies reliable and actionable insights to optimize their inventory management strategies.

The Future of Inventory Management

The use of fully autonomous drones for daily record keeping is a new trend in inventory management. Our drones fly around the facility, collecting vital information about each pallet location and comparing it to the WMS records. This real-time visibility gives Inventory Managers a significant advantage in their operations. By leveraging Corvus drone technology, companies can improve data accuracy, reduce labor costs, boost worker productivity, and enable real-time visibility as inventory levels change. The implementation of drone technology not only streamlines inventory management processes but also saves valuable time, money, and resources for businesses.

The Corvus One drone system has revolutionized inventory management by providing real-time data checks, improving data integrity, and streamlining the cycle counting and physical inventory audit processes. With drones, businesses can achieve accurate inventory records, reduce operational disruptions, and improve overall efficiency. As the use of fully autonomous drones becomes more prevalent, companies can expect even greater benefits in terms of data accuracy, labor cost reduction, and real-time visibility. Embracing drone technology in inventory management is a forward-thinking approach that enables companies to stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

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