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Indoor GPS & Forklift AI
Corvus Sense is an IoT solution with capabilities like "indoor GPS" and AI-based event/object detection. Install quickly on vehicles and forklifts, or key material assets.
Perform up to 20% more moves every shift, with zero additional labor or material handling equipment.
Know any time a vehicle is idling; engage them to prevent costly downtime.
Reduce travel time by rerouting the closest vehicle to a job, instead of any available choice.
Track forklifts, carts, and other equipment with real-time indoor location information -- without RFID installations or range limitations.
Improve workplace safety -- use AI to prevent potential accidents, injuries, and hazards before they happen.
Prevent accidents around assets like forklifts as Corvus Sense sees and flags near-collisions. Review follow-up footage to improve safety standards.
Prevent workplace hazards by teaching Corvus Sense to notice broken skids, improperly placed equipment, and other anomalies. Corvus Sense can help your facility operate at a higher level through AI automation.
Technical Specifications
6" square
3.3 lbs
Rechargeable battery - options for 6-24 hours.
Indoor GPS position-tracking; AI recognition.
Local network/WiFi or 4G option.
Use Cases
Forklift/vehicle optimization; collision prevention; anomaly/hazard detection.