Disinfection Robots
Send Corvus UV or Corvus Spray, our two types of disinfection robots, to sanitize your facility. Kill up to 99.999% of all airborne and surface contaminants up to 6x/day, hands-free -- fully autonomously!
disinfection spray robot
Disinfection Spray Robot
Schedule a disinfection before opening, on breaks, or overnight with our spray disinfection robot. Workers can return 30 min after.
Reach a wider area of effect than the UVC robot, spray disinfectants from meters away.
Choose your preferred disinfectant with our disinfection spray robot and meet COVID safety requirements.
UVC Robot
Workers can stay in the vicinity of the UVC robot, returning immediately to work after the robot passes an area to disinfect.
Deploy our UVC robot in sites where people can't or won't leave their stations during disinfections.
Six UVC lamps with long operational life-time allows for disinfection in all directions.
UV-C disinfection robot
Corvus spray disinfection robot and UVC disinfection robot can be used for hospitals, offices and public buildings, airports or stations, and toilets.
While one robot traditionally covers up to 100k ft2 max, we do have the ability to configure up to 200k+- ft2 using multiple maps. However best-practice recommends one robot with one designated map per 100k ft2.
Yes, the robot travels and recharges by itself, and has sensors all around to avoid collisions. All you need to do is take 10 seconds to select its route on the map before it starts disinfecting.
After setup (one-time, about 3 hours), the disinfection robots can be used in normal operation. The disinfection spray robot has a water tank, which should be cleaned every month.
Our warranty covers the cost of all replacement parts and offer remote support within 1 day - contact us for more information.
The disinfection robot is great – I turn it on at night, and it makes its rounds without needing any input from me. It keeps our community safe, which is our top priority!
– Community Manager, commercial real estate company
Automates manual disinfection
99.9%+ kill-rate
Technical Specifications
disinfection spray robot technical specifications
Spray Rate
2.5 L/hr
Spray Particle Size
2~5 µm
Run Time
5-6 hours
11,700 ft2 / 100k ft3 in 15 min
Disinfection Efficiency
Up to log-6 reduction
Charge Time
3-4 hours
UV-C robot technical specifications
UV-C Light
254 nm
Rated Lamp Lifetime
8000 hrs
3000 ft2 in 15 min
Disinfection Efficiency
Up to log-3 reduction
Li-ion Battery
2-4 hrs, then return to charge
Charge Time
3-4 hrs