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Disinfectant Robot
For COVID-19 and general hygiene, send an autonomous robot to disinfect interior spaces in public buildings and common areas, offices, apartments, and medical centers. Choose the frequency of your schedule and vary today’s routes. Up to 99.999% disinfectant rate, from meters away.
Begin the day’s routes with a few touchscreen presses.
One-button on touchscreen to start, stop, change routes, or change modes.
Emergency stop button.
When battery is low, this robot comes back to dock and recharge.
Use suggested disinfectants or your preferred alternative - up to 99.999% disinfection rate.
Sodium hypochlorite solution.
Hydrogen peroxide solution.
Peracetic acid solution.
Disinfects along regular routes, or repeatedly circulate in a fixed area.
Mark an unlimited number of stops, e.g. different rooms, corridors, doors, etc.
Collision avoidance to stop and wait for people before resuming disinfection.
Mix and match different destinations to set up a new routine.
Large Disinfection Area
Can spray from meters away - higher disinfection efficiency than UV light.
Swappable Disinfectant
Disinfectant payload can be switched depending on user requirements.
Easy to Clean
Simple payload box opens for refill or cleaning quickly.
Omnidirectional Sensors
Laser, camera, and ultrasound sensors help prevent collisions and understand routes.
The disinfectant robot is great – I turn it on at night, and it makes its rounds without needing any input from me. It keeps our community safe, which is our top priority!
– Community Manager, commercial real estate company
Efficiently automates manual disinfection
Quality controlled
Fully autonomous disinfection
Technical Specifications
Spray Rate
2.5 L/hr
1,000 m3 in 15 min
Spray Particle Size
2~5 µm
Disinfection Efficacy
Up to log-6 reduction
Run Time
5-6 hours
Charge Time
3-4 hours