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Delivery Robots
Send a robot on automated routes to deliver goods, food, medicine, or tools. Quick setup and fully autonomous. Great for medical centers, restaurants, malls, and factories/warehouses.
Setup takes under a day, and your new delivery robot can then deliver its items in any order. Simply tap the map on the screen to decide today’s routes, choose who can receive the items, and the robot will deliver autonomously.
Facial Recognition
Indoor Navigation
Obstacle Avoidance
Autonomous Charging
Autonomous Charging
Multi-Stop Scheduling
Fingerprint Authentication
Use cases & ROI
Restaurants can save 2x on staffing for serving and bussing through robots.
Hospitals can reduce staff burden and diminish contamination risk by setting routes for food & supply delivery.
Factory lines can reduce downtime by picking parts or tools, delivering without human travel.
Technical Specifications
Maximum Load
300 kg
190 L
Top Speed
2 m/s
Safety Speed
0.8 m/s
Charge Time
3-5 hours
Operating Time
4-6 hours