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AI Labels + 3D Sim Data
We help top startups from YCombinator and Techstars reduce costs for data labeling and improve accuracy like mAP scores.
Why is Data Labeling So Expensive?
You send us images.
We send you back labels.
3-4x cheaper. 1 Accurate. Fast.
Bounding box
Semantic Segmentation / Polygons
Custom rules & classification
1 When compared against leading labeling services, such as Scale.ai, Hive, Appen, etc.
Augment with Synthetic Data
Can your model improve further through simulation data?
(Not sure? Hire our ML experts for quick consultations.)
Give us sample images (and answer some questions).
We’ll build a simulation environment and generate labeled synthetic data for you --
10-20x cheaper than real data. 2
Try a small POC to see the improvements in your accuracy scores!
2 As benchmarked against data labeling services.
Another vendor charged $4/image. Corvus got us the same classes and instances labeled for $1/image!
– Series-A AI startup
Other Services
Need beautiful 3D models of your product?
Visualize your product or scene as accurate 3D renders.
Create a “digital twin” for AR/VR applications.
Create realistic 3D environments for simulation.
Generate a scene for your use case - real estate, industrial, agriculture, retail, etc.
Simulate camera and lighting conditions photorealistically.
Reconstruct facilities or environments from image data.
Create a “digital twin” in 3D from your photo data.
Request measurements of the environment or objects.